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Our use of digital print technology liberates ceramic decoration from the technical limitations of analogue print methods and extends the aesthetic possibilities for surface design to include qualities such as continuous tone imagery. Designs can be developed exploiting more of the visual language of CAD, without the need to make the disruptive interpretations into half-tone necessary for analogue printing.

Using our printmaking experience, we have developed approaches for building up layers of toner to create rich colours, which can be used in combination with the inherent tonal sophistication of toner printing, and overcome past weaknesses associated with digital ceramic printing.

Whilst toner is a premium quality and costly ceramic pigment, this expense is offset by the reduction of investment necessary with conventional analogue methods. The usual lengthy and expensive pre-press preparations for analogue printing are collapsed into a more immediate flow, from design to print to prototype, making overall savings from development to production. 

Our specialist digital ceramic print studio is equipped with current SRA3 laser printers and toner colour sets, developed in the laboratories of MZ Toner Technologies in Germany.